Life is Strange 2 PC free streaming demo is now live

Life is Strange 2 PC free streaming demo is now live

The demo requires no downloading.

The age of downloading is coming to an end as the streaming services develop over time. Right now, both PlayStation and Xbox have services that allow their players to play some games without downloading. Square Enix just announced that the free demo for Life is Strange 2 PC version is now live. One thing about it, it does not require any kind of download.


Square Enix, in association with Polystream, will deliver the game’s demo to the players without any kind of download. One thing you will require is a fast and solid internet connection without any data limit. The demo is now live for Europe and North America, and it will release for other parts of the world later on.

“Every journey begins with a single step, and the demo puts you in Sean’s shoes at the beginning of the game, exploring his suburban life on the day it all gets turned upside down,” Square Enix describes the demo in their press release.

In order to learn more about the system requirements and technical details about Internet connection for Life is Strange 2, you can read the F.A.Q. here. So, as time goes by, we are getting more able to play and test games without downloading them.

Life is Strange 2

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