League of Legends’ buggy client is getting an overhaul

League of Legends’ buggy client is getting an overhaul

League of Legends fans must be feeling relieved right now.

Bugs after every game, memory leaks, lags, stutter, crashes, freezes and more. League of Legends’ client was driving its players crazy because of the amount of instability it creates. Riot Games just announced that they will work on the client for the next six months and make a proper overhaul.


If you have a look at the official LoL forums, known as the boards, you will observe that players are truly concerned with the issues. The client does not only harm the gameplay experience but also makes players quit the game totally. Big and annoying problems were around for a long time, now, Riot will work on them.

League of Legends' buggy client is getting a rework

Riot Games state that they have two specific long-term targets. First is to lower bootstrap time, how long it takes to boot up the client itself, and the second is to improve champion select lock-in response times. In fact, these two will help the developers address the bugs on the way. Moreover, Riot thinks that they should be able to rework nearly all the elements with these.

“Why prioritize these two things first? The reason is that, in the process of addressing bootstrap time and champ select lock-in time, we’re going to be cleaning up and reworking certain fundamental aspects of the client’s architecture. We believe that we’ll be able to opportunistically address bugs, memory leaks, and crashes while pursuing these targets,” reads the blog post.

To learn more about League of Legends’ client overhaul, you can read Riot Games’ blog post here. We will update you if more develops on this matter.

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