Iron Harvest and Razer align for RGB features

Iron Harvest and Razer align for RGB features

Chroma will reflect your faction's colours in the game

Iron Harvest 1920+ is an upcoming strategy game that will take place in a war between three factions. In detail, the game will host the fictional factions Polania, Saxony, and Rusviet in a technological World War I setting. Each faction will offer different tactical opportunities and the battles will require tactical acumen.


On the other hand, the game will have a story mode of approximately 20 missions. These missions will take place in three campaigns. Yet, the developers King Art Games won’t stop there and will make the multiplayer modes accessible. For those who would like to experience Solo or co-op against AI, Skirmish and Challenge Maps are also in the game.

In a recent deal with Razer, King Art Games has secured Chroma integration for Iron Harvest 1920+. Accordingly, the deal will allow players to alter the lights on their Razer Chroma RGB. The three factions in the game will bear unique colours. Therefore, Razer Chroma will allow players to reflect the colours of the faction they’re playing with.

Moreover, both companies have also agreed on marketing efforts and cross-promotion initiatives. Consequently, the Razer Chroma RGB integration might just be the tip of the iceberg. In the future, it’s highly likely that we see more from this alliance between Razer and King Art Games.

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