Hyper Scape Season 2 Arrives Next Week

Hyper Scape Season 2 Arrives Next Week

'The Aftermath' kicks of on October 6, with lots of in-game content.

Hyper Scape Season 2, “The Aftermath” will introduce the next chapter in Ubisoft’s battle royale. Conversely, players will get a new weapon, a new hack, and new game modes. Those who want to invest in the Battle Pass will also see a new one available.


On the other hand, Ubisoft will make “Project Tower” accessible on October 5. In detail, this one-hour special event unravels the mystery of the glitches. These glitches were visible during Season One, in the streets of Neo-Arcadia. Players will unite in order to encounter this threat on the behalf of Prisma Dimensions.

Firstly, with Hyper Scape Season 2, players will get a new weapon: The Atrax. This weapon fires sticky explosives that detonate after a certain period of time. Furthermore, players will be able to participate in new game modes such as Crown Rush Duo and Floor is Lava. The latter will introduce an intense competition around Platform hacks.

Season 2 will also bring a new ranking system. It will take the last ten matches of a player into regard. Then, the system will roster the players across Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Champion categories. However, only Crown Rush Squad will generate the progression relevant to this system.

With Season 2, the game will start delivering daily gifts. Players will get random items, such as Battle Points or cosmetics. Furthermore, the game will have a 100-tier Battle Pass that bears lots of outfits, skins, deployment pods and more.

Finally, Ubisoft’s collaboration with Dark Horse has seen the second issue of the Hyper Scape comic. These comics are available on the game’s website.

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