Hitman 3 VR is coming for PSVR in Jan 2021

Hitman 3 VR is coming for PSVR in Jan 2021

We'll get a closer look at Agent 47's exploits

Sony’s State of Play was full of game trailers and exciting news. Moreover, we saw nice surprises such as Hitman 3 VR. IO Interactive had already confirmed the third game’s existence. Yet, today we learned that Agent 47 will offer his eyes to us in January 2021.


The confirmation came with a trailer that shows what life is like from our beloved Agent 47’s eyes. Consequently, it’s what you would expect: Utilise stealth, approach your target, and take him out without giving away your position. Indeed, being in the shoes of an iconic character is an exciting idea. Moreover, the trailer ends with another promise that would make our hearts beat faster: “Play the entire World of Assassination Trilogy in VR”. Therefore, we might not only receive Hitman 3 for VR, but also its predecessors.

As a reminder, Agent 47’s latest trilogy will conclude with Hitman 3, also in January 2021. The game will continue where Hitman 2 left off and probably will follow the episodic approach. On the other hand, IO Interactive confirmed we will be able to carry our progress to Hitman 3, which is good to know. According to the latest trailer, Hitman 3 VR will also be available around the same date as the third game. Both versions will launch for Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC.


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