GTA Online to offer even more in-game deals this week

GTA Online to offer even more in-game deals this week

You'll spin the lucky wheel this week.

The Nagasaki Shotaro Light Bike is here and it will bring the lucky wheel with it to the game. GTA Online once again offers in-game deals and activities this week, some lasting until the end of the month. Players will get 3X GTA$ and RP when playing the Deadline this week.


In addition to these, players will get 40% off MC Business Properties and MC Business Upgrades, plus take 35% off the MC Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop.­ Below, you can find the full list of deals and features which will be available from now on.

We must note that the Nagasaki Shotaro and the related events will be available until March 18. The rest, including the Twitch prime benefits, will last until the end of March. Below, you can check the full list of in-game offers and events.

GTA Online to offer even more in-game deals this week

GTA Online in-game deals and offers this week

  • Triple GTA $ and RP in Adversary Mode, Deadline, with the Nagasaki Shotaro.
  • Triple GTA $ and RP are also available in all Business Battles.
  • Motorcycle Club discounts such as 40% off MC Business Properties and Business Upgrades, plus 35% off MC Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop.
  • New Twitch Prime benefits like a GTA $ 1,000,000 bonus, an 80% discount on the Pegassi Tempesta and Vapid FMJ, plus the Pixel Pete’s Arcade Property discount and an extra 10% karting on this week’s already discounted items.
  • Discounts on new vehicles, including 30% off the Oppressor Mk II and 35% off the Western Rampant Rocket.

If you would like to learn more about these, you can visit the official Rockstar announcement here.

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