GTA Online doubles rewards on Biker Sell Missions

GTA Online doubles rewards on Biker Sell Missions

In three game modes, you will be able to earn double rewards.

Rockstar just announced what will happen in GTA Online this week, including in-game offers. The most important that we need to mention right away is the double rewards event. Players will be able to earn double rewards for select game modes.


Double rewards are now available to players in all Biker Sell Missions and Clubhouse Contracts, as well as in all Rockstar Transform Races.

GTA Online doubles rewards on Biker Sell Missions

This week’s other in-game offers and events for GTA Online

  • This week’s Lucky Wheel grand prize is the Coil Cyclone.
  • Discounts on new property and vehicles: 30% off Arcade Master Control Terminal and Benefactor Krieger, 35% off both Pegassi Toros and Principe Lectro, and 40% off both Nagasaki Shotaro and Pegassi Tempesta.
  • Ongoing Twitch Prime benefits: a 100% discount on the cost of the Pixel Pete Arcade property, plus 80% on the Pfister 811 and 60% on the Declasse Drift Yosemite.
  • A one-time gift of GTA $ 500,000 is still available to players who log in during the month of May.

As you can also see on the list above, $ 500,000 is pretty easy to obtain. If you login to GTA Online in the month of May, you will be awarded by half a million in-game dollars.

To learn more about this week’s in-game offers and events, you can see the official statement from Rockstar here.

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