Google Stadia Chat May Soon Be Available

Google Stadia Chat May Soon Be Available

Recent report suggests the new update might introduce private messaging capabilities.

Google might soon be adding a chat feature to Google Stadia, the subscription based cloud gaming system.


Until now, Google Stadia users have only been able to communicate through either the games’ built-in chats or Stadia’s own voice chat option. Stadia‘s latest version (2.16) has arrived in the Play Store this week, and according to a recent report, the code suggests a few things.

In the teardown, we found a significant number of new references to the ability to “chat,” have “conversations,” and send “direct messages,” all of which is being developed behind an internal flag. All of this strongly points to Stadia gaining a full in-app messaging experience.

  • Message History panel title
  • Text chat
  • batchGetChatMessages
  • ChatMessage
  • ChatMessagesModel
  • ConversationViewModel
  • createChatMessage
  • DirectChatMessageList
  • DirectMessageLastReadTimestamps
  • enableTextChatFlag


The report also pointed out new privacy settings enabling users to control who could send them messages.

That is to say, users will be able to send direct messages to other players within the app. As this will remove the need to use third party messaging apps, the update will make Stadia more attractive for users. If you want to ask a friend to play together, and when, you will simply send them a message within Stadia.

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