Google announced a new Google Stadia studio

Google announced a new Google Stadia studio

The studio will work on games for Google Stadia.

Although the number of games and services available on Google Stadia is disappointing right now, developers are trying their best. Today, the console’s Twitter account published a post and announced that they have opened a new studio in Playa Vista. This new studio will work on in-house titles to extend the platform further.


Today, we gave you the news of The Division 2 coming to the Stadia platform, therefore don’t think it is dead yet. Stadia’s blog explains the opening of the new studio in a short way.

“Today, we’re adding a new Stadia Games and Entertainment studio in Playa Vista, California, which will be led by an industry veteran, Shannon Studstill,” VP and Head of Stadia Games and Entertainment Jade Raymond writes.

Moreover, as Jade Raymond’s quote states, Shannon Studstill will be leading the studio. Can the producer of God of War take Stadia to a better place? We will observe and see the future of Google Stadia.

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