GOG Galaxy now integrates with Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy now integrates with Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy 2.0 can now integrate officially with Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy 2.0 has recently received another official integration. Previously, Xbox Live content became totally accessible through the app. Nowadays, players will be able to connect their Epic Games Store library.


This new chapter in GOG’s search for bringing all libraries under one banner now includes one of the most popular game apps. Conversely, Good Old Games representatives claim that Epic Games Store is the second most connected platform in the app. GOG Galaxy’s portfolio now includes GOG.COM, Xbox Live, and Epic Games Store.

The platform has tied the knot with Epic Games Store, after several negotiations between the executives. Steve Allison, General Manager of the Epic Games Store has also praised the integration. In his announcement, he indicated he sees this union as a positive experience for players. According to Allison, “this is an important step to break down walls between PC stores, as it enables unified experience for players to manage their PC games library, independent of where their games were purchased”.

Moreover, GOG executives expressed their quest in adding new integrations to the platform. The studio is currently evaluating improvement and feature requests coming from the player base. Also, GOG Galaxy now supports seeing all subscriptions in one place. Players can browse, install and launch games from whichever subscription they prefer, by just a few clicks.

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