FIFA 21 disappoints with no crossplay (at all!)

FIFA 21 disappoints with no crossplay (at all!)

Even the same console family won't be able to play together

EA has recently announced that FIFA 21 won’t support crossplay. In other words, FIFA 21 disappoints the players who were hoping to keep playing with the previous console family. Of course, FIFA has never supported crossplay and every platform had to stick with their own cohort. However, there was a slender hope that the PlayStation and Xbox console families would be able to play together. For instance, players were expecting to keep playing with friends that still have a PS4, when they upgrade for PS5. Nevertheless, EA dismissed these quite clearly.


FUT Weekly Podcast account directed this question to the FIFA Direct Communication on Twitter. As it was a burning question, many were wondering the reply. Conversely, the publisher’s official channel replied and said there is no such possibility of crossplay. It’s good that we received clarification early on. Yet fans started to get vocal about how FIFA 21 disappoints them.

Nevertheless, the account clarified the progress transfer between the platforms. According to the publisher, the players will be able to transfer their FUT teams and their progress to the next generation. Moreover, the Dual Entitlement offer will stand until FIFA 22 and Madden 22 releases. The yearlong offer will surely cut the players some slack whilst considering the next generation.



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