Far Cry 6 Trailer Showcases The Game

Far Cry 6 Trailer Showcases The Game

Far Cry 6 trailer presents the turmoil in the fictitious nation of Yara

Far Cry 6 will release next year, even if not on its leaked date. Ubisoft presented the Far Cry 6 trailer in their event, Ubisoft Forward. Accordingly, we see the turmoil that engulfs Yara. The fictitious nation’s capital, Esperanza, appears to be at the centre of a civil unrest. Furthermore, we see Giancarlo Esposito’s character, Anton Castillo for the first time. Castillo, the main villain of the game, is the dictator that exercises a dominion over Yara.


In the game, the main protagonist Dani Rojas (controlled by the player), will try to bring Castillo down, allying with the guerilla. Moreover, Ubisoft deliberately set the main character’s name as “Dani”. The unisex name means, we can either pick a male or a female rendition of them. In addition to the Far Cry 6 trailer, Ubisoft also published a web page, providing some preliminary information and -predictably- leading to pre-order options. This page depicts Anton as a vicious and merciless character that will take down anybody that stands in his way. Also, he raises his son Diego, to inherit his reign of terror one day.

As Dani, we’ll try to stop them on our tracks. Furthermore, we’ll see our character in the cutscenes. In Far Cry 6, there will be rewamped versions of fangs and guns for hire. The former will now include a sausage dog called Chorizo. On the other hand, the latter has changed names and became “Amigos”. We’ll be able to scour Yara’s wildlands and the capital Esperanza with our allies. Finally, we’ll be able to make weapons and equipment using the scrap we find.

Far Cry 6

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