Fallout 76 seasons are confirmed to be free

Fallout 76 seasons are confirmed to be free

You will not need a separate expansion pass.

Last week, the developer of the Fallout series, Bethesda, announced a new roadmap for the latest installment of the series. With the new “season pass” system, Fallout 76 will get new content and progression features periodically. Today, the developers clarified that these season pass updates will be free for all players.


Because of the very nature of the seasons system, and some confusion caused by developers themselves, Bethesda published a clarification. When announcing the seasons system, developers stated that all players will be able to “take part in our inaugural Summer Season for free.” Therefore causing some players to think that the other seasons (fall, winter) might not be free.

Today, Bethesda made an official announcement through its Twitter account. Above, you can find the post shared by the developers clarifying that all seasons will be free. However, we should note that it took six days for developers to make such easy clarification.

Because of this, some players suggested that the developers did indeed think about making the other seasons paid. On the other hand, there is no solid evidence about this and all the seasons will be enjoyed by all players. So, we think it’s a good outcome for Fallout 76.

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