Epic giveaway boosted the revenues of GTA V

Epic giveaway boosted the revenues of GTA V

The freebie returned more game sales and GTA Online revenue

Recently, Rockstar has reported an increase in GTA V’s overall performance. Indeed, the recent Epic giveaway certainly contributed to the game’s financial power. In contrast with the skepticism of many, CEO Strauss Zelnick displayed a new sales record for the game.


Currently, the first quarter of the new financial year is over in the US. Therefore, companies present some performance indicators to show how well they did. Rockstar is no different with announcing greater GTA V sales than the last period. Many thought the Epic giveaway would affect the game’s revenue negatively. However, the game managed to push its lifetime sales to 135 million.

On the other hand, the six weeks following the giveaway increased the number of GTA Online users dramatically. Consequently, Q1 of FY2021 has become the second-best period of GTA Online in terms of user traffic. It seems the Epic Games Store promotion has brought the greatest flock since 2013. Surely, this increase of the online users reflects on the in-game currency sales. The ever-expanding user base and sales make Take Two think that they will break another record at the end of this financial year.

Conversely, Rockstar isn’t going to call curtains for GTA V any time soon. The studio will upgrade the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Furthermore, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access GTA Online as a standalone game for free during its first three months.

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