Epic Games Store free games to require an extra step

Epic Games Store free games to require an extra step

In order to claim free games, you need to activate two-factor authentication.

Epic Games gave out a lot of free games to the players in the past months. Until now, the only thing you needed to do was to have an Epic Games account. From now on, players will need to activate two-factor authentication to claim free games on Epic Games Store.


The extra security measure will only be in place for a limited time. While the reason for this extra security measure is unknown, Epic Games states that this adds a layer of “security and protection”. from April 28 till May 21, you will need to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) using your mobile phone.

If you attempt to claim a free game on the Epic Games Store without 2FA being enabled, you will encounter an error. Moreover, the new layer of security does not only benefit Epic Games. In fact, it benefits you more than the developers of the platform.

“Claiming this free game requires you to have a Two-Factor Authentication setup on your account. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional level of security to your Epic Games account and will help prevent unauthorized access.”

Considering the number of current data breaches, activating the two-factor authentication on all of your accounts is always a wise idea.

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