Epic Games Store begins adding achievements

Epic Games Store begins adding achievements

The platform finally will offer some tangible awards for progression

Epic Games Store has been lacking achievements for some time. Moreover, the player base has been expecting to get this feature sooner. Nevertheless, Epic Games Store begins adding them, but the progress will be a bit slow. It seems the players will have to wait for a while to show off their progress in all games.


Firstly, Ark: Survival Evolved has received achievements. Indeed, this is one of the games that the store distributed for free. Epic warns this is just a test and an early version of the feature. Furthermore, the company adds they might alter the achievements and make some changes in the system. Therefore, we can safely assume the Ark application is some sort of a beta test. With user feedback, the company will most likely steer their direction of development.

Currently, the launcher displays that it’s tracking achievements. On the other hand, it’s ambiguous whether the players will receive any notifications regarding them. Because, the current state of the feature doesn’t display any indicators. The company assures they will add achievements to the other games in the catalog. As Epic Games Store begins adding achievements, we might expect other developments in the areas that players offer feedback. The company currently didn’t offer any further information or a road map for future features.

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