Epic Games empowers its publishing line-up with three new signings

Epic Games empowers its publishing line-up with three new signings

Epic Games to join forces with gen DESIGN, Playdead and Remedy Entertainment

In an announcement made on 26th of March, Epic Games showcased three new agreements, with renowned developers gen DESIGN (The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO), Playdead (Inside, Limbo) and Remedy (Max Payne series and Control). Epic used its social media channels to spread the news and in the YouTube video below you may see the announcement in full detail.



The agreement currently seems to be quite exciting for the future of the gaming. According to Epic, the developers will have full control on their content creation process, whereas Epic Games will be the bearer of the costs, to an extent of one hundred percent. The coverage will include Q&A, salaries, marketing and so on. Most importantly, Epic Games will not have any stake at the intellectual properties held by the aforementioned firms, which indicates another contribution to creative freedom.

Naturally, the agreement was well recieved among the developers and Sam Lake was among the first to express his feelings about this new alliance.

In addition to Sam Lake’s tweet, Remedy also announced that there are two unannounced games in works and the aim is to release them for the next gen consoles. And apparently, the first one will be a multi-platform, AAA game, which Remedy quotes as their most ambitious intellectual property yet.

Gen Design and Playdead are yet to announce their games, but they also were quite celebratory about the deal they just inked. Epic seems to be determined to make everybody download their launcher in the upcoming days.

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