E3 2020 reportedly canceled, official announcement soon

E3 2020 reportedly canceled, official announcement soon

Sad news, but it did not surprise us.

For the past two weeks, we have been reporting updates regarding the E3 2020’s situation. First Sony decided to skip the event and then Geoff Keighley announced that he will not attend this year’s E3. In addition to these, spreading coronavirus fears pushed organizers of GDC to cancel the event. After the cancellation decision, all eyes were on E3 2020.


Organizers of the event, the ESA, previously announced that they are working at full speed. They did not want to cancel the event but underlined that they are closely monitoring the decision. Today, various credible sources claim that the event has been canceled and the official announcement is coming soon.

Furthermore, one of the studios with well-known E3 stage shows, Devolver Digital, also Tweeted. The Twitter post you can see below tells players to cancel all of their bookings since the E3 2020 is now canceled. We should emphasize that there is no official announcement yet. The sources are more than enough to make this a credible claim, but we will update you when the ESA releases a statement.

Why is E3 2020 Canceled?

If you would like to learn what caused the cancelation of the biggest game show ever, we invite you to read our previous articles. The resignation of the creative director, California’s state of emergency and the spread of coronavirus were all key points. We will update you more on this as soon as we get our hands on more information.

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