DualSense might have appeared outside promos

DualSense might have appeared outside promos

DualSense, Sony's next-gen controller appears in a picture that is not verified.

DualSense might have appeared for the first time, without a Sony promo.


Sony has recently confirmed the development of PS5 and the next-gen of consoles. Moreover, the company stated there will be two versions of the device. Firstly, a traditional version with a disc driver will be available. Then, for gamers that prefer downloads, a purely digital version will also be on market. On the other hand, there are reports that the manufacturing phase for the console is going well. The main chip entered the final stage of manufacturing. Consequently, it’s highly likely the console will meet players during the holiday season, as promised.

DualSense is another part of the console that piques interest. Sony showcased the new controller in April, pointing to significant changes from DualShock series. As DualSense will keep the DualShock 4 features, it will contain lots of upgrades. For instance, there will be a haptic feedback, which can simulate a car driving through mud. Furthermore, the controller will apply tension and adaptive pressure on triggers. Therefore, gamers will be able to feel the grit of cumbersome tasks.

However, other than Sony’s promo images, DualSense never made an appearance. A recent visual on Resetera forum, shows the controller up close. On the other hand, no officials from Sony has confirmed the authenticity of the image. Nevertheless, this image might indicate the lightweight and easy-to-handle features of DualSense.

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