Doritos packs are likely to promote PlayStation 5

Doritos packs are likely to promote PlayStation 5

It seems the brand is full-on for its gaming associations

Doritos has recently increased its gaming promotions that appear on the packs. Previously, the company has promoted double XP events and accidentally leaked Black Ops Cold War. An image that has recently appeared on Reddit shows that these promotions are likely to continue.


This time, it appears that Doritos has a new deal with Sony to push PlayStation 5. In detail, Doritos packs contain a giveaway competition for Sony’s next-gen console. However, the competition looks region-restricted and country-specific. In other words, you may not be able to come across the Doritos packs that will give you a chance to win it.

Specifically, the country that hosts the promotion appears to be France. Therefore, we can assume the European region will be one of the locales that the competition will take place. On the other hand, we can’t be so sure about the likes of Belgium, which are always quite opposing towards lootboxes. Maybe Doritos will refrain from holding the competition in places where the legal cases against microtransactions are ongoing.

Nevertheless, Doritos is likely to get involved with gaming more closely in the future. We can see more from their side with respect to in-game currencies and sweepstakes like this.

Doritos packs are likely to promote Playstation 5

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