Doom Eternal will run at 60FPS on all consoles

Doom Eternal will run at 60FPS on all consoles

Sadly, except Nintendo Switch.

Previously, we published the official PC specs for Doom Eternal, which does not seem too demanding. id Tech Lead Engine Programmer Billy Khan just announced that Doom Eternal will run at 60FPS on all consoles except Nintendo Switch. Therefore, the game will run smoothly on nearly all devices, enforcing the gaming experience.


PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X will all run the game at 60FPS. Billy Khan’s list does not include Nintendo Switch, which is not a big surprise to anyone. Since even the Doom 2016 ran at 30FPS on the device, we can’t expect the Eternal to perform much better.

Also, id Software already confirmed that the game will run at 30FPS on Nintendo Switch – no surprises. The PC version of the game is apparently capable of running at 1,000FPS if the necessary hardware is present. Moreover, id announced that they were able to reach 400FPS on their own test PCs.

Although the Twitter post does not include any information regarding the resolution, assumptions are here. As always, we assume the game will run at resolutions above 1080p. We will update you more on this if new information surfaces in the coming days.

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