Death Stranding receives 1.01 patch on PC

Death Stranding receives 1.01 patch on PC

Death Stranding receives its v1.01 patch on PC

Death Stranding receives its first update on PC. Accordingly, version 1.01 offers some stability upgrades and bug fixes.


Last week, Kojima’s latest creation, Death Stranding has become available on Steam and Epic Games Store. On the contrary to the expectations around its exclusivity, the game became available for PC players, just after 8 months following its PS4 debut. Furthermore, the PC version contains whatever the game received on PS4. On top of this package, the Steam version also offers Half-Life themed cosmetics.

Also, the game currently supports a variety of PC technologies. Conversely, unlocked framerates, ultra-wide resolutions, NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 technologies are at gamers’ disposal. Especially DLSS creates a noticeable performance difference in favour of the PC platform. Precisely, gameplay at 4k and 60 FPS is possible on PC, thanks to these technologies.

Kojima Productions also view this version of Death Stranding, as a movie experience. The studio claims, there are certain improvements on the PS4 version, which rather looks like a “TV drama”. Consequently, in this vein, Death Stranding receives its first update on the PC platform. The patch notes are not sizeable, however, there are some improvements on offer. The CPU check at startup now includes AVX judgement. Moreover, there are general stability improvements and bug fixes.


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