Death Stranding PC version is protected by Denuvo

Death Stranding PC version is protected by Denuvo

In order to prevent piracy, developers have taken steps.

The developer of the PC version 505 Games confirmed that Death Stranding will be protected by Denuvo anti-piracy. The system prevents the games from getting copied by pirates. The Steam description of the game clears the waters if the game will have anti-piracy or not.


Kojima has been teasing a March date for the past few weeks. We did not know if this was for something Death Stranding related or something completely different. Turns out, Kojima is actually teasing something different, namely, his new horror game. On the other hand, his latest title has some developments too.

In addition, the game will also be on sale on Epic Games Store. Therefore, we can observe the same protection described by the developers over there too. We do not know the anti-piracy approach of the PC developer 505 Games yet.

Some developers choose to implement Denuvo at launch, only to remove it from the game afterward. Thus, we may observe a similar situation with Death Stranding, as anticipations are high. We will update you more on this as more information regarding the PC version surfaces.

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