Death Coming Free on Epic Games Store

Death Coming Free on Epic Games Store

This non-linear puzzle game is only free until May 14.

Death Coming, developed by NEXT Studios,  is the latest free game on Epic Games Store.


This week’s free Epic Games Store title is Death Coming, a non-linear puzzle game in which where you are in the role of a reaper. Goal of the game is to take as many lives as you can despite all the challenges you face.

In each level of the game, you will try to solve a big puzzle in a pixellated environment. This environment might be a secret military lab, or maybe a suburban neighbourhood. You are free to solve the puzzles in any order you want. Despite the straight forward aim, you have to observe your victims and their behaviours in order to plan to kill them at the right time.

The game will be free on the Epic Games Store until May 14.

The free game of next week is not yet announced and currently it is listed as a “mystery game”, and has a countdown underneath showing the time left for it to be unlocked.

Last week’s free titles were Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands. The Epic Games Store is making one or more games free every week. Make sure you stay up to date and don’t miss the next free game!

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