Crysis Remastered postponed after criticism

Crysis Remastered postponed after criticism

Crysis Remastered is going to be released at a later date, due to negative reactions from fans and media.

Crysis Remastered postponed after Crytek’s executive decision. The game has suffered some leaks in the past days. On the other hand, Microsoft Store did its best in order to mitigate the problems. However, some fans on Resetera forums captured the screenshots and created a discussion. In this comparison, some technological advancements were visible. Furthermore, Crytek also emphasised the use of new technologies.


Yet, according to the fans on Resetera, the graphical advancement was not enough. According to them, the graphics are not upgraded enough. Moreover, some believe Crytek deliberately masked some technical flaws. The members of the forum believe with light and other tricks, the graphics look slightly better. However, with thorough analysis, some flaws were obvious.

On the other hand, media have criticised the magnitude of the upgrade. The advancement doesn’t seem to be at the level of a remaster. Indeed, there is a consensus around the possibility that the screenshots are from Xbox One version. Therefore there is a greater chance that the PC edition could look better.

Nevertheless, Crytek took this backlash to the heart. As Crysis Remastered postponed, they published a new statement and announced a postponement.

As the pre-orders will still be open, the game will hit shelves at a later date. Crytek did not share any information on other platforms.

Crysis Remastered

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