COD streamer fires gun on Twitch livestream

COD streamer fires gun on Twitch livestream

It is needless to say that the player is now banned on Twitch.

A day does not go by until we hear some news regarding careless gun use. Usually, the news is not about gaming or the gaming community, but today it’s different. Call of Duty streamer and pro player Carl Reimer accidentally fired a gun on Twitch live stream.


Thankfully, we can say that no one was hurt when Reimer accidentally fired the weapon. The player starts acting on something, thinking he unloaded the weapon but does not check the chambers. Therefore, when he pulls the trigger he shots a G-Fuel.

The player Carl Reimer uploaded an apology video on YouTube, telling the audience he regrets what happened. At least, he genuinely admits that he did a wrong thing and someone could’ve got hurt. “Guns are not a toy and are not to be messed with,” says Reimer in his apology video.

The player is now banned on Twitch, unclear whether it is a suspension or a permanent ban.

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