Civilization 6 is now free on Epic Games Store

Civilization 6 is now free on Epic Games Store

The claim-for-free opportunity will last a week.

Epic Games Store keeps giving away AAA big-time titles for free to all players. Last week, Grand Theft Auto 5 was free, which caused Epic servers to fail for a bit of time. This week’s mystery game is Civilization 6. So, you can claim it without paying anything to the Epic Store.


The game will be free to claim until May 28, 2020. Therefore, you have around a week to claim your free Civilization 6. To not forget to claim it afterward, you can go to the game’s store page here and claim it. If you already have an Epic account, you need to check whether the 2-step auth is on or not.

To be able to claim the free games on Epic Game Store, you need to have two-step authentication. If you don’t have an Epic account, you can create a new one and claim your game. There is no limit to the account age. Next week, there will be another game free-to-claim, but we don’t know what it is yet.

When the next mystery game is revealed next week, we will make sure you know about it.

Civilization 6

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