CD Projekt Red will reveal roadmap for Cyberpunk DLC

CD Projekt Red will reveal roadmap for Cyberpunk DLC

The company has a combination of freebies and monetized stuff in the store.

As usual CD Projekt Red will have some DLC for the players after they release Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, just like the Witcher 3, most of these DLC will be free. The developers are currently preparing to reveal a roadmap about their post-release content.


The company has previously announced (PDF) they won’t monetize the game aggressively. Moreover, they also announced the upgrades for the next-gen will be free. Finally, they said they won’t charge the game for $69. These are all great news on their own. However, it appears that the company wants to share its calendar for the DLC. After their recent assessment, the company is convinced of the game’s current state. Therefore, there won’t be any further delays for the game. It seems the developers are also ready to submit the game for rating.

The DLC will be partially free and paid. It’s safe to assume, just like Witcher 3, the game will have some small-scale stuff for free. On the other hand, big story expansions will require players to purchase them separately. The game also has a multiplayer mode and there will be some microtransactions around it. However, the developers assure CD Projekt Red will be quite easy-going with their monetization policy. Therefore, the whole thing can be restricted to cosmetics, without any pay-to-win situations.


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