Call of Duty Warzone reaches 30 millions in 10 days

Call of Duty Warzone reaches 30 millions in 10 days

Call of Duty Warzone had a massive start.

The new title of Call of Duty series had a massively successful start. Call of Duty Warzone, in 10 days saw more than 30 million players, according to Activision.


The free-to-play battle royal came out on March 10. The title reached six million players in the first day; then after three days, 15 million.

Warzone was, obviously, a great success. Yet how does it measure up to other battle royal games which are offered free of charge?

Within the 24 hours after launch, Respawn’s Apex Legends had 2.5 million players and 10 million in three days. Apex Legends reached 25 million within one week. And, in terms of player numbers, Warzone is possibly on the same trend as Apex Legends.

Epic’s royal battle title, Fortnite, already overshadows all battle royal rivals. Although, reaching 10 million players was a milestone reached in two weeks. Things ramped up quickly after as word of mouth spread and the children became involved. Fortnite had 20 million players within six weeks. Later, it became 30 million players in 11 weeks, 45 million in 16 weeks. In less than a year, it was an unbelievable 125 million. Epic revealed the numbers of players in March 2019. They said that the popular game had 250 million players.

Call of Duty Warzone can be accessed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC since 10th of March.


Call of Duty Warzone
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