Call of Duty Warzone bunkers are now unlockable

Call of Duty Warzone bunkers are now unlockable

Finally, we will be able to explore the bunkers.

Bunkers in the Verdansk map have always been a mystery for the players since they were inaccessible. With today’s update, bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone are now unlockable. Players can now go inside to find loot and challenge other players on their way inside.


The previous update brought a useless keycard in the game, which was quickly caught by some YouTubers. With the latest update, developers allowed this keycard to actually unlock bunkers. So, using the keycard, players can now enter the bunkers to explore more about them.

Right now, there is not much to do inside the bunkers as they are just empty spaces. But, given the preparations the developers are doing, we expect more to come from the bunkers. They may be a great opportunity for the game to implement some new features. For not, the loot generally does not worth the risk you are taking by going inside the bunker.

Above, you can find a video of a Call of Duty Warzone player accessing a bunker. The access to the bunkers was not included in the patch notes, so it comes as a surprise to the players. If you want to do so, you can check the full patch notes here.

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