Call Of Duty 2020 Teasers Surface in Warzone Matches

Call Of Duty 2020 Teasers Surface in Warzone Matches

Players have been reportedly seeing weird glitches during COD Warzone gameplay, but these may be something much more than that.

As we approach Call of Duty 2020 official announcement, several players have started to report spotting teasers inside Warzone gameplay. The tease is apparently random and consists of something that looks like interference and static during a match and happens very fast, you can’t really read anything unless you pause the video. You can check out Twitter user NutterButterAF for his footage recording in the tweet below:


Among all the static, two phrases are readable. The first, seen clearly in the print screen NutterButterAF has also shared, reads “Know Your History”.

COD 2020 Teaser Print Screen

The second phrase, however, is a little trickier to see, and some of the players seem to have missed it entirely. The russian phrase reads “обреченыйa ее повтореииe”, or “doomed to repeat it” in a direct google translation.

COD Doomed To Repeat it

The phrases seem to be linked to Winston Churchill’s speech to the House of Commons in 1948. During the speech Winston said “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it“, in the very beggining of the cold war as we know it.

From Doritos leaked ads, to in-game teasers, all of the leads currently point towards a cold war themed game.

Treyarch’s 8th installment of the Call Of Duty franchise is due to be announced any day now. The publisher’s Twitter account posted last week saying that they are “Looking forward to showing you what we’ve been cooking up with @RavenSoftware!”.

Be sure to check back with us later this week. More information on Call of Duty 2020 is bound to come up soon!

Call Of Duty: Cold War

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