Blizzard to Merge Small and Large WoW Servers

Blizzard to Merge Small and Large WoW Servers

Blizzard shared plans of merging its small-scale WoW servers with larger ones

Blizzard to merge their small and large-scale World of Warcraft servers soon.


The company has announced their plans in the official forums. Eventually, Blizzard aims to bring multiple realms in the game together. Therefore, those who are in servers with low-population, won’t have to go through rigorous processes for transfers. Also, there will be bigger opportunities for the community to come together.

First of all, Blizzard stated WoW is a game, enjoyed with large communities. Despite the game have cross-realm options, still there are strong restrictions in place. Consequently, with this new decision, players won’t have to settle with low-populated servers. However, the developer warns the process will be long. Lots of maintenance and testing will be on schedule.

Blizzard also promised weekly updates as the project gets detailed further. Additionally, players won’t have to do anything for the merge. The developers will oversee the account transfers. Therefore, if a player is in the affected region, they will find themselves merged automatically. In parallel, all of the discussion boards will be merged.

The announcement doesn’t contain any start date yet. However, there is a broad definition of “next 2-3 months”. Of course, considering the magnitude of the project, these periods are subject to change. Nevertheless, Blizzard to merge its servers soon to make its community, more connected.


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