Black Ops Cold War will empower Warzone content

Black Ops Cold War will empower Warzone content

Cecot himself is excited about the merge between Warzone and the new Call of Duty

Call of Duty’s new installment is pending reveal on August 26. Moreover, the reveal will take place within Warzone, but the developers divulged no further details. Therefore, there are many mysteries and questions in the players’ heads. On the other hand, Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot stated that the plan is to merge Black Ops with Warzone.


Cecot told Red Bull: “With the recent reveal of Black Ops Cold War, there are definitely opportunities to merge that content in and keep pushing Warzone forward (…)” Furthermore, Cecot expressed his own excitement about merging the two titles. It appears that this strategy conforms with Infinity Ward’s intention to merge its titles with Warzone.

On the other hand, Cecot also shared some updates that might affect the future of Warzone. He said: “(…)I’m excited for Kingslayer to drop. That’s a kind of rapid-fire multi-team deathmatch experience, where we flag the people who have the most kills. So the top teams; their elite kill leader has a flag on their back and if you kill them you instantly get a kill streak that you can use(…)”

It appears that Warzone content will get richer and richer. On one hand, there are future updates, on the other hand, we’ll receive an immediate tie-in with the Cold War.  Therefore, there are more reasons to wait for the reveal. By the way, Gamescom: Opening Night Live will bring in more details about the game.


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