Black Ops Cold War leaks hint at the pre-order bonuses

Black Ops Cold War leaks hint at the pre-order bonuses

Lots of cosmetics, weapons, and other goodies seem to be on their way, even for Warzone!

We still have a couple of days for the Black Ops Cold War reveal. However, the data miners are working hard to find some information. This time, COD Tracker has captured a series of goodies that seem to be interesting.


It appears that, like all of the recent Call of Duty games, Black Ops Cold War will feature an Open Beta. Conversely, players will have a chance to sample the game before it comes out. Moreover, those that have pre-bought the game will have early access to the Beta, before everybody else. Currently, the information doesn’t indicate whether the beta is multiplayer or singleplayer. Yet, it’s highly likely the developers will seek to convince players with a multiplayer preview.

On the other hand, there are strong signs that the battle pass system will remain in place. The leaks indicate a Battle Pass Bundle, similar to what Modern Warfare has. Furthermore, one of the pre-order rewards appears to be Sergeant Frank Woods. In detail, his character model will be available to play as, in Warzone. Another leak that VG 24/7 reported previously already showed Woods’ possible appearance in the game.

Finally, COD Tracker has reported the presence of the following packs:

  • Woods Operator Pack in Modern Warfare and Warzone
  • Confrontation Weapons Pack
  • Land, Sea and Air Pack
  • Season 1 Battle Pass Bundle

These items might be a sign of what’s to come with Warzone’s next seasons too.


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