Black DualSense controller might be in order

Black DualSense controller might be in order

The additional colour options might be under development for PS5 peripherals.

Sony announced the main colour of PlayStation 5 will be white. However, many fans don’t settle with only one option and ask for more colours. Hence, we sometimes stumble upon fan-made skins for the company’s next-gen console. In addition, there are constant rumours and leaks that point out to possible colour options such as a black DualSense.


Recently, a Twitter post brought some photographs into the light with several controller images on it. Among these, we can definitely spot a black DualSense with white buttons. Conversely, this might indicate that Sony will present additional colour options both with the console and its peripherals in the future. Currently, the reception for the leak is mixed. Some openly state that they liked it, whereas others want grey buttons instead of white. The company is yet to confirm these pictures, so there isn’t any reason to get our hopes up or criticise this design heavily.

Indeed, all the previous installments of the PlayStation family were in black. Moreover, Sony only presented different colours to reflect promotional alliances such as Destiny and Marvel’s Spiderman. On the other hand, DualShock family always came with different colours and these options are still available at various retailers. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that even the main colour of PlayStation 5 will always be white, the controllers, headsets and other accessories might be in stores with a variety of colours.

Sony also shared a blog post recently about which accessories will be compatible with PS5.


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