Beyond Skyrim provides a Black Marsh preview

Beyond Skyrim provides a Black Marsh preview

The unofficial expansion offers hours of content in a new region

Beyond Skyrim team is currently pushing the boundaries to provide expansions to Tamriel. In particular, they’re working hard to add new and vivid regions to vanilla Skyrim. Among many of those regions, the recent focus is on Black Marsh, the homeland of the Argonian race.


The team has touched on Bruma, Morrowind, Elsweyr, and some of the peripheral locations. However, they decided to focus on Black Marsh in their latest developer diary. Their work shows some details regarding the mainland of the Argonians and there are many interesting points to that. First of all, Black Marsh is one of the oldest regions in The Elder Scrolls lore. Therefore, this makes Argonians one of the communities that have the deepest roots on the continent. Furthermore, the area is a host to the remains of an ancient race, Kothringi. Long story short, Black Marsh is a great cultural tour indeed.

The trailer promises us nothing short of the region’s reputation. We can see the Ayleid ruins and Kothringi structures that somehow blended with the vast marshes. On the other hand, Beyond Skyrim team also designed some Argonian bone weapons and armor. Consequently, there is an expansion to the content, even the Bethesda DLCs couldn’t offer. The team brought some new creatures and challenges too. A scary sea monster and magical lizards surely will give players a hard time.

Considering the work they do, the team constantly looks for writers, graphic designers, and sorts. If you would like to apply, you can click this link.

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