Bees swarmed Kojima before he was a game designer

Bees swarmed Kojima before he was a game designer

The veteran used to be a live-in gardener and learned a lot from his past experiences.

Hideo Kojima has recently divulged some details regarding his past. Moreover, Kojima Productions compiled “his musings” under one tweet and shared them. According to Kojima, in his past career bees swarmed him once and stung him at least 10 times.


Kojima’s musings include some past experiences he had whilst working at various jobs. Conversely, he had to go from one to another in order to earn money for his university education. Firstly, he did part-time filming for wedding ceremonies. According to Kojima, this experience taught him how to live on a salary and look like the act. In other words, he had to don a suit and look like someone on a regular payroll.

Moreover, during his holidays, he used to work as a gardener in residence. This experience taught him many things like how to plant, where to put a bamboo fence and how to organise rocks. Nonetheless, not every day in this job was a success. Once, at least 10 bees swarmed and stung him. Furthermore, he had other troubles like lacquer poisoning and falling from a tree. His working conditions weren’t excellent either. Indeed, his boss expected Kojima to say “Yes” to every instruction. Nonetheless, Kojima believes all these experiences prepared him for his game design career.

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