Battletoads is to join Xbox Game Pass on August 20

Battletoads is to join Xbox Game Pass on August 20

The game will be available on XGP, both for Xbox, PC, and Steam.

Battletoads is a franchise that made its first appearance in 1991. Firstly, DLaLa Studios and Rare partnered to develop this game for the NES platform. Then, the saga continued on many platforms, including multiple Nintendo devices. However, the series didn’t get new games across the years. On the other hand, Battletoads’ iconic characters appeared in various games like Killer Instinct and Shovel Knight.


Nowadays, the series is about to make a comeback as original partners are back on it. Moreover, the game follows Cuphead’s pathway in art design. Conversely, the game will have hand-drawn 2.5D graphics and will support 4K resolution. The action brawler will allow players to control Zitz, Rash, and Pimple. Additionally, these toads can morph their bodies to overcome certain obstacles and defeat a variety of adversaries. The developers hope to preserve the game’s fun side and polish its sense of humour after 26 years.

Indeed, the game will grace those who hold Xbox Game Pass. The members will be able to access the game for free both on the Console and PC platforms. Additionally, the pre-load availability starts from today. XGP apps on Android and Apple will provide the remote utilities to initiate the pre-load too. If you would like to follow further details, you can stay tuned with Xbox Wire. On the other hand, to take a closer look you can frequent the store page. The game will also be available on Steam, however, the developers didn’t share any further detail on that.

Finally, here’s a trailer to let you know what these brawlers are on about!


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