Battlefield 5 will receive a major update tomorrow

Battlefield 5 will receive a major update tomorrow

Both Bazooka and Panzerfaust will see significant improvements.

EA DICE just announced that the next major update of Battlefield 5 will go live tomorrow. Update 6.2 will bring a ton of balance changes to the game, significantly buffing some weapons. Moreover, the update will add tank customization to the game. A couple of days ago, we shared the news that the highly-anticipated customization option was heading to the game.


The update will bring the damage values back to the levels of the pre-5.0 update. Therefore, even after months, it can be said that fans’ backlash worked out in some way. In addition to all the balance and damage changes, the update will bring significant bug fixes.

If a player plays the game more than 5 hours in one go, the game would face a crash for no reason. With Update 6.2, DICE claims that they have fixed this issue, aside from fixing the bug which causes players to get stuck in the deploy screen.

If you want to learn more about Update 6.2, you can visit the official Battlefield 5 forums here.

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