Amplitude is launching the “What If” Contest

Amplitude is launching the “What If” Contest

Amplitude is soon to launch an alternative history contest, using their "What If" meme generator.

Amplitude is launching the official humankind “What If” contest soon. The website is open and there is a trailer to watch. Moreover, the contest will feature weekly themes and prizes. The event will take place on the history meme generator of the web page. Here is what Amplitude has to say:



Humankind the game, our game that is, is a historical strategy title that will allow players to ask themselves the question “What If?” – What if the Khmer had fought at the Battle of Hastings? What if the Ottoman empire had survived to the modern day? What if the game had not been delayed to 2021?

But, while we await the opportunity to change the course of history in gameplay, for now we’ll stick to doing so in images. Each and every week, for 10 weeks, we’ll be announcing a new contest theme, and asking you to come up with your best ideas for the chance to win prizes like free game keys, the ability to play Humankind before its release, and more!

Then, our weekly winners will face off in the community voting challenge, whose grand prize winner will get the entire SEGA catalog of PC Games on Steam, for free!

Those who want to watch the trailer can click here, furthermore, the official website to the contest is located here.

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