A new Silent Hill game might be closer than we thought

A new Silent Hill game might be closer than we thought

Speculations around new Silent Hill game surface over Konami tweets and a new dedicated twitter account for the game.

Hope for a near-future Silent Hill game seemed lost after a huge fallout between Kojima and Konami, but not anymore.


Last week Konami’s official twitter account hyped up fans as they tweeted, out of the blue, the world famous Silent Hill 2 Siren sample. Many of the followers believed the tweet was a tease for a new game.

However, the official twitter account stepped back after an enormous fan response. Konami tweeted they were “watching streams of Dead By Daylight and thought we would share the noise and feel of being hunted”.

Another tweet followed, stating that “Anything official would come from first from @SilentHill“, not them.

Normally this turn of events would be understandable. But it turns out the Silent Hill official Twitter account was created only two weeks ago. under the pretext of sharing behind the scenes material for the Dead By Daylight crossover.

Since then, the new Twitter account moved on to retweeting about content not related to Dead By Daylight. The content included collaborations with HobbyLink Japan for some awesome merchandise. The restocking of vinyl Silent Hill 1 & 2 soundtracks at Mondo and loads of very cool fan arts.

Whether this change of content means Konami is setting the stage for a new Silent Hill, we can only speculate. But we sure hope we can get something as great as Kojima’s Playable Teaser someday, we deserve it.

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