2K Games to pull its titles from NVIDIA GeForce Now

2K Games to pull its titles from NVIDIA GeForce Now

It seems like more publishers will follow.

Previously, The Long Dark developer announced that they are pulling the game from NVIDIA’s latest streaming service. As GeForce Now transitions into a paid service, more developers come out with similar statements. Today, NVIDIA announced that 2K Games titles will no longer be available on the service.


The official blog post states that the titles are removed because of the publisher’s request. Following Bethesda, Activision, and Hinterland Studio, 2K Games decided to remove its titles from GeForce Now. “We are working with 2K Games to re-enable their games in the future,” states NVIDIA.

Furthermore, we need to make it clear that the service has a long way to go. If publishers keep pulling their games from it, it may not survive for good. Some of the publishers state that NVIDIA never got their permission to host their game.

We need to clear the air on something, in order to play a game, you need to own it. NVIDIA GeForce Now does not provide free games to players, therefore publishers do not really lose money from a simplistic point of view. Thus, players are now blaming the publishers for limiting the game experience.

We will update you further if more develops regarding NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

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